Instrukcja montażu, pielęgnacji i użytkowania Black And Decker Ka1000

Instrukcja montażu, pielęgnacji i użytkowania Black And Decker Ka1000 zawiera wszystkie informacje potrzebne do poprawnego użytkowania i konserwacji tego produktu. Instrukcja zawiera dokładną procedurę montażu, instrukcje dotyczące konserwacji i użytkowania sprzętu oraz inne ważne informacje dotyczące bezpieczeństwa i zdrowia. Instrukcja zawiera również wskazówki dotyczące korzystania z tego produktu w sposób optymalny i bezpieczny, aby zapobiec niebezpiecznym sytuacjom i nieprawidłowemu użytkowaniu. Instrukcja powinna być stale przestrzegana w celu zapewnienia bezpiecznego i prawidłowego użytkowania produktu.

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AEGLAVATHERM 37320 Instrukcja Użytkownika


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Vented Tumble Dryer
Operating Instructions

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Dear customer, Please read these operating instructions through carefully, before using the appliance. Please ensure you fully understand the safety instructions on the first pages of these operating instructions! Retain this instruction book for future reference, and pass on to any future owners. The warning triangle and/or the key words (Warning!, Caution!, 1 Important! ), emphasize information which is important for your safety or the correct functioning of the appliance. It is essentia
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Content Important Safety Information.................................... 5 General Information............................................ 8 Disposal....................................................... 9 Packaging...................................................... 9 Environmental protection tips....
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Content Something not working?........................................ 24 Door Reversal Instructions....................................... 25 Technical data................................................. 27 Power supply................................................... 27 Information for the electrician......
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Important Safety Information 1 Important Safety Information The safety of AEG electrical appliances complies with the established technical principles and statutory equipment safety regulations. Never- theless, as manufacturer we have to draw your attention to the follow- ing safety instructions. General safety  Repairs of the dryer may be carried out only by trained personnel. Incompetently carried out repairs can entail considerable hazards for the user. Please get in touch with our custom
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Important Safety Information Safety of children and infirm persons  The appliance is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons without supervision.  Children are often not aware of the dangers involved when handling electrical equipment. Therefore provide the necessary supervision of children when operating the appliance and do not let children play with the dryer – there is a danger that children could become trapped inside the appliance.  Packaging parts (e. g. films, sty
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Important Safety Information  Washing with rigid components (foot mats) will cover the air slots; the slots will also be covered if the drum is overfilled. Observe the maximum load of 5 kg. There is a risk of overheating which could cause a fire!  Only dry washing that does not contain any explosive objects (fire lighters, spray cans). There is a risk of fire or an explosion!  Clean the fluff filter after each drying procedure.  In the case of washer / dryer tower combinations, do not pl
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General Information  Provide sufficient ventilation to avoid underpressure from forming.  In accordance with the technical connection conditions of the power utilities, a permanent connection to the power supply may only be made by an authorised electrician.  The dryer sucks in air. You should therefore keep the area around the appliance clean and also not store any flammable items that may be sucked into the appliance (e. cat litter, shavings) in front of it. There is risk of fire! 3
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Disposal 2 Disposal Packaging Dispose of the packaging material! Dispose of the packaging material of your tumble dryer correctly. All the packaging materials used are harmless to the environment and can be recycled.  Plastic parts are marked with standard international abbreviations: – >PE< for polyethylene, e. sheet wrapping material – >PS< for polystyrene, e. padding material (always CFC-free) – >POM< for polyoxymethylene, e. plastic clips Cardboard packaging is manufactured fro
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Environmental protection tips 2 Environmental protection tips  Your laundry will become light and soft in the tumble dryer even with- out a fabric softening agent.  Loosen your laundry before loading it into the dryer. This helps to pre- vent lengthy running times and creasing.  Ensure your laundry is well spun. In the following table we give an overview of specific electric con- sumption data depending on the spinning speed. This information is valid for 5kg laundry dried with the progra
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Environmental protection tips  Select the appropriate drying program for the type and quantity of laundry. The dryer will then operate as economically as possible. Some typical consumption values: Power Fill weight Duration in Drying program consumption in kg Minutes in kWh 1 5 115 3. 2 COTTONS CUPBOARD DRY 1 5 90 2. 5 COTTONS HAND IRON 2 2. 5 50 1. 2 EASY CARES CUPBOARD DRY 1) spun at 800 revolutions per minute 2) spun at 1000 revolutions per minute If the amount of laundry is not enough for
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Description of the appliance Description of the appliance Front view Control panel Fluff filter Rating plate Removable Plinth Reversible door Feet (all height-adjustable) 12
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Description of the appliance Control panel A B C A Program selector: for setting the drying program B Pushbutton block – SPECIAL CARE button: For sensitive fabrics – START button: Starts the program. C Display block: – OPERATING indicator: Is lit when the appliance is switched on. 13
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Before using the appliance for the first time The program selector positions  OFF: The tumble dryer is switched off.  Program group COTTON: Programs for drying cotton and linen fabrics; maximum load 5 kg.  Program group EASY CARES: Programs for drying mixed fabrics and synthetics; maximum load 2. 5 kg. Time programs: For additional drying or for dry- ing loads of less than 1 kg.  COOL AIR Program: For smoothing creases in cold air; Slightly moisten the creased arti- cles; Program du
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Brief operating instructions Brief operating instructions  Ensure the laundry is well spun before tumble drying.  Prepare the laundry.  Load the laundry.  Select the drying program – on the program selector. – If required press the buttons SPECIAL CARE.  Start the program. While the program is running you can open the door to take-out laun- dry or add more laundry. At the end of the program:  Remove the laundry.  Clean the fluff filter.  Switch-off the dryer. 15
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Drying Drying Prepare the laundry  To prevent tangled bundles of laundry: Close zip fasteners; button-up bed linen and pillow cases; tie-together loose tapes, e. aprons.  Empty all pockets.  Remove all metal objects (paper clips, pins, etc. ).  Turn clothing consisting of double-layer fabric inside out (such as cotton-lined anoraks with the cotton layer facing outwards). The fab- rics will dry better.  Loosen the laundry. Open the door To open the door:  Press firmly against the door (P
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Drying  SPECIAL CARE button This program operates with reduced heat. Press the SPECIAL CARE button for fabrics bearing the care symbol S. Gentle drying is advisable for heat-sensitive fabrics (such as acrylic and viscose). Start the drying program 0 Press the button START. The drying program starts. 17
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Drying Removing laundry or loading laundry when necessary You can interrupt the drying process at any time to remove some of the laundry or to add more laundry. 0 Open the door. Caution! The laundry and the drum may be 1 hot. 0 Remove or add more laundry. 0 Close the door. 0 Press the START button to resume the drying process. End of the drying process The cooling phase starts shortly before the end of the drying process: The heater is switched-off during this phase. After the cooling phas
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Drying Clean the fluff filter To ensure efficient operation of the tumble dryer, clean the fluff filter after each drying program. Also check whether there are any remnants or fluff from the washing in the drum; remove immediately. 0 Press the catch of the filter lid down- wards. The filter lid will open. 0 Take-out the fluff filter. 0 Remove fluff out of the fluff filter, with a moistened hand. 0 Re-insert the fluff filter. 0 Press against the filter lid until it catches into the locking d
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Program tables Program tables Program group COTTONS care symbols R, Q; maximum load 5 kg Program Laundry Type Examples for Heavy weight or mult-layered EXTRA DRY Towelling material, bath robes fabrics Fabrics of medium weight, CUPBOARD DRY articles not made up of mult- Towel laundry, hand towels layers Lightweight materials DAMP Cotton shirt and underwear requiring ironing Normal cotton and linen Sheets and pillowcases, HAND IRON articles tablecloths Cotton and linen articles, to Co

Instrukcja montażu, pielęgnacji i użytkowania Black And Decker Ka1000

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